The Armors

3,333 Armors

The Armors is a 3333 collection with a decreasing supply inspired by the 80's and 90's anime series.

This means you will be able to FUSE your armors since reveal day to realize POWER UPS!.

Holding an Armor doubles as an Alpha Pass to the Armors discord, were holders will be able to access an Alpha section with wallet trackers, project analysis, alpha calls and degen plays.

Other features will include staking, node access and partnered tools. The team will continue to develop tools and utilities and finding ways to bring maximum to the holders for free. Their vision and roadmap will align with market trends to ensure maximum profitability to their holders.





We are focused in building an organic and
engaging community through a closed discord.

During this period we will offer multiple whitelisting opportunities to grant everybody an equal chance.


Drop Date

Drop 9th May 2022.

Presale date is TBA but we are aiming for late March / early April.


1/1 Raffles

A 1/1 raffle will be held among all members of the community
some time prior to mint.

The rest of 1/1 NFTs will be added to the offcial drop.


Charity Auction

We will hold a charity auction for a 1/1 in which 100% of the proceeds will be destined to a non-profit.

In light of recent events, this donation will go towards Ukraine, but the community will decide.




NFT burning will be live upon reveal. Incentives will be given to promote token burning.

Three types of Armors will be available:
Common Armor: High Resistance Armor. KI +2
Super Armor: Gold and Metal Armors. KI +9000
God Armor: Legendary Armors with Epic Objects. KI +1M

Two Original Armors will fuse into one Super Armor obtaining a KI over 9k!
Two Super Armors will fuse into one God Armor obtaining a KI up to 1M!

This also means that the collection will promote its scarcity and may be reduced in number depending on the amount of fusions made by the holders.


Community Wallet

A percentage of the primary and secondary sales will be allocated to a community wallet
for the continuity of the project.

Token Holders will be able to vote on different proposals regarding how this founds will be used.


Holders only Alpha group

Holders will have access to an exclusive Alphas group on discord where important information will be shared about other great nfts projects as well as giveaways and whitelist position.



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Art Director

My name is Aran and I am 37 years old, from Andalucia, Spain. I started at a very young age in the art world, drawing manga style and stylized cartoons. Later I discovered the 3D modelling world and have been improving my modelling, compositing, texturing and animation skills since then.

My preferred art styles are very diverse, from cartoon and stylized to Sci-Fi, cyberpunk, surreal, etc.

I am a co-founding partner of Gunstar Studio SL, a company specialised in videogame development. I worked as the art director for the PlayStation 4 game Phobos Vector Prime. We are currently working on developing the videogame: Alone: The Way to Destiny. Since I found the wonderful world of NFTs, I have almost dedicated myself completely to this. I'm the main artist of The Malandros collection I also make my own art for fun and I'm looking forward to showcase the amazing art I've made for this collection with you.

twitter porkyfresh115Instagram porkyfresh115
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Project Director

My name is Sergio Jiménez and I'm 34 years old. I was born and raised in Andalucia (Spain).
I have a degree in audiovisual communication and I'm a freelance artist. My journey in digital art started at the age of 17 when I began working as a video artist for different galleries and clubs.

Throughout my career I have worked for different international companies in television, advertising always focused on 2D/3D design.

I have been in the NFT space for over a year now as an artist and as a collector. All my creations have done well even on secondary sales.

I'm very excited to be able to use my skills in this project and express my love for art. I can't wait to show what we can bring to the NFT community as we work to make this space a better place.

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Contract Development

Website Development

We, at Serrot, believe in team working, learning and having fun around new challenges in social spaces and emerging technologies.

We believe in continuous development as we encourage our people to go each time a little more beyond our comfort zone. Our clients appreciate our commitment to their projects because those projects are ours too.

As a Team we have been providing IT solutions to several companies in Mexico, Usa, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Belgium and Australia.

We have developed solutions for Websites, Satellite Applications, Mobile, Business Intelligence, Integrations and IT support on Devops for cloud services. We use as many technologies as our clients need, but we prefer to use our own tech stack. In the last two years we have included blockchain technologies for this new economy, just to keep the pace of the decentralized future. In other words… See you at the metaverse, soon.

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